Are you a frustrated HR Professional with way too much on your plate?  Having problems finding the time to look over stacks of resumes and interview the Candidates?  Maybe your HR Department just needs a little support during a ramp up in hiring.  CMA offers our Clients a reliable partner to work with in helping you select your Companies most valuable Asset…it’s Permanent Staff.

CMA treats every Job Order as if it were hiring a new member of its own team.  Our staff take the time to listen closely to every detail about a Job and ask questions to uncover the true Objective of every Position we work on.  Whether it is a Lab manager for a new Chemical Plant or an Administrative Assistant you want to see grow with your new startup Company, CMA can bring the experience you need to the table.  We can simply supplement your Hiring Process or lower your Companies Overhead by doing everything but making the final call on whom to hire.