By utilizing CMA's contract-to-hire staffing services, our clients benefit from the traditional services that a temporary staffing agency offers with the option to hire the employee permanently.  This is truly, try before you buy!


The best way to predict a candidate's sucess is to observe that person in your organization, interacting with other employees and communicating with your customers.  With CMA's contract-to-hire strategy, you can see a candidate in action, and develop a true understanding of his or her skills and capabilities.


Through this hiring strategy, you'll achieve:

Improved workforce performance.

Only successful perfromers transistion to permanent employee status.

Successful employees who have transistioned are more likely to be satisfied and be higher performers



Decreased risk and costs to your company through CMA providing workers compensation insurance.  Decreased costs through CMA processing payroll benefits and benefits.  Voluntary and involuntary turnover are reduced.  Decreased recruiting costs through experienced based hiring.  Workload is being met throughout the hiring process.


Let CMA find you candidates with the skill sets and work style your organization requires.  Then, build a better workforce with proven performers who can contribute to your bottom line.


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